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Me, by me

  • I'm a person, not a company. But I can work with people

      and companies alike.


  • I still make music mainly because it's fun. For the most

     part I'm having a great time.


  • I want you to be able to sing your show's theme on your

      way out. Bangin' your head, if and when it applies.


  • I'm not going to write a symphony if you need a song,

      and vice-versa. But I may suggest something you hadn't thought about.


  • Maybe the idea sounds better with pots and pans, or with toys.


  • We probably won't make it if your deadline was yesterday. But let's try anyway.


  • If we have time, we'll keep trying to improve it. But sometimes it's just right as it is.


  • If I have to explain it for you to like it, then it's no good. But I'd rather understand what we're working on.


  • That project. The one you've always dreamt of, but always gets pushed back. The one that didn't come from your boss', the client's, or somebody else's idea. Let's do that one, too.


  • Outside, there's a garden. But we can still get food delivered here.





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