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CORRENTEZA (Single), Music by John Finbury feat. Mestrinho, Cainã Cavalcante, Michael Pipoquinha & Celso De Almeida (Producer)

This song inspired by a true story: the composer’s harrowing encounter with a riptide while swimming in the Atlantic ocean and the wave that almost broke him before bringing him to shore.

Recorded in São Paulo on December 2021 by a sublime lineup of Brazilian musicians, this project represents a new chapter in Finbury's affair with Brazilian music, which includes two more songs to be released later in 2022.

MYTHOLOGIES Album Cover_final.jpg

MYTHOLOGIES (Album), by Danaë Xanthe Vlasse feat. Hila Plitmann & Sangeeta Kaur (Co-Producer)


2022 Grammy@ Winner - Best Classical Solo Vocal Album

Inspired by Ancient Greek myths, MYTHOLOGIES is an immersive Contemporary Classical journey into an ancient fantasy realm that invites listeners to ponder long-standing cultural concepts such as idolized heroism, divine power, crisis of faith and morality, and the junction of fate and free will.


BOULEVARD (Single), Music by John Finbury feat. Camille Bertault (Producer)

"Boulevard" is the second single from the collaboration between French jazz singer extraordinaire Camille Bertault and Grammy-nominated composer John Finbury. With French lyrics penned by Camille herself, she is joined by organist Larry Goldings, known for his work with Pat Metheny, Maceo Parker and James Taylor (among many others) and drummer Billy Martin, of the famed trio Medeski, Martin & Wood.


LOOK AT WHAT A MESS YOU MADE OF ME (Single), Music by John Finbury feat. Camille Bertault (Producer)

This song is the first to emerge from the artistic collaboration between French Jazz singer extraordinaire Camille Bertault and composer John Finbury. 

Given the studio protocols of pandemic times, the artists and producers sought a simple instrumentation, so “Look At What A Mess You Made Of Me” became a voice and bass duet. The bass chair belongs to Christian McBride, who achieves a stunning balance of brawny playing with a sense of humor.


RING THE BELLS (Single), Thalma De Freitas & John Finbury (Producer)

On February 11, 2021, Chick Corea’s passing was announced.

John Finbury sat at his piano in Massachusetts that night and responded to the sad news by playing a somber, repetitive passage that seemed to provide solace. He made a phone recording and sent it to his friend, singer Thalma de Freitas. The next morning, Thalma woke up in Los Angeles, listened to the music, and was inspired to improvise a melody and lyrics on top of John’s piano motif. She sent a voice recording back to John, and a song was born.

DRIVE Cover.png
SORTE! Cover w Credits (digital distribu
Mister G_Mundo Verde cover copy.jpg

QUATRO Music by John Finbury feat. Magos Herrera, Chano Domínguez, John Patitucci & Antonio Sánchez (Producer)

Composer John Finbury and producer Emilio D. Miler team up with some of the finest musicians in Latin Jazz, to offer a diverse, unorthodox blend of Spanish Flamenco, Bolero, Mexican, and Andean influences...oh, and a touch of New Orleans, too!
The theme of the album is how diversity makes us richer and togetherness makes us stronger, in an artful yet powerful response to those who seek divisions based on prejudice.

DRIVE (single), by Dan Lopz (Producer, Synth programming)

Colombia's young guitar ace Dan Lopz makes his big debut, joined by two of the musicians who made some of the albums his music is inspired on: Gregg and Matt Bissonette, on drums and bass, respectively.

Mixed by Grammy Winning engineer Nahuel Bronzini and mastered by Latin Music legend Eduardo Bergallo, Dan Lopz brings a unique sound, strong melodies and heartfelt performances to a scene that was yearning for a new voice.

SORTE (Album), by John Finbury feat. Thalma De Freitas (Producer)

Sorte! is a collection of magical songs, written by  Latin Grammy nominee John Finbury and vocalist/lyricist Thalma de Freitas. The project features an all-star band comprised of Vitor Gonçalves (piano, rhodes and accordion), Chico Pinheiro (guitar), John Patitucci (bass), Duduka da Fonseca (drums), and Airto Moreira & Rogerio Boccato (percussion), and was nominated for a GRAMMY® Award as Best Latin Jazz Album in 2020.

Levanta Tu Voz / Increíble, by Dani Vasco (Producer, programming)

Dani Vasco is a singer-songwriter on a mission to instill peace and mutual respect in his listeners by pouring his heart into every performance.  His high tenor range shines atop the busiest orchestration in "Levanta Tu Voz" (with electronics co-produced by Colombian Wonder Woman Ali Stone), and cuts through heavier guitars, keyboard textures and pounding drums (recorded by legendary session player Kenny Aronoff).

Based in Medellín (Colombia), Dani walks the walk, too, working to bring music and art education and performance into underprivileged neighborhoods in his hometown.

SORTE (single), by John Finbury feat. Thalma De Freitas (Producer)

Sorte! is the first collaboration between Latin Grammy nominee John Finbury and Afro-Brazilian singer-songwriter-actress Thalma de Freitas. The project, named John Finbury's Alma Brasileira, features an all-star band comprised of Vitor Gonçalves (piano, rhodes and accordion), Chico Pinheiro (guitar), John Patitucci (bass), Duduka da Fonseca (drums), and Airto Moreira (percussion). The 7'' vinyl edition includes the B side "Oração", and a full length album is scheduled for release in 2019.

DULA, by Vivalda Dula (Producer, Arranger, Conductor, Percussion, Bass, Vocals)

Featuring all original music by Angolan born and raised singer, percussionist and dancer Vivalda Dula, and an international cast of stellar musicians, recorded in ten different countries in four continents, this 12-song album is seasoned a bit with South American sound, American funk and gospel, and two gorgeous string quartets. Vivalda's soulful, soaring vocals sing her poetic, socially conscious lyrics in Kimbundu, a language from her native country, as well as Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Anoche Soñé Contigo / Mirá Qué Bonito, by Folkloreta (Producer)

Folkloreta is a Colombian duo, conformed by life partners Silvia Ortega (lead vocals, flute, percussion) and Ricardo Parra (guitars, tiple, and any plucked string instrument he can get his hands on).

We worked together on these two songs, which pay homage to the different shapes and faces of love.  "Mirá Qué Bonito" made the Top 20 in the Colombian National Radio Network, a first for the band and myself.

Mirá Qué Bonito

NOS, by New Caracas (Co-Producer)

Dubbed "a must-hear" among recent releases by Venezuelan artists by Billboard Magazine, NOS is "a collection of songs inspired by the various experiences of Latin American immigrants in the U.S. and the rest of the world.  The music can be defined as Alternative Latin, as it seeks to craft a unique sound that draws inspiration from many genres, but has as a unifying thread, the rhythms and traditions of Venezuela, Peru, Colombia and the rest of South America".

MUNDO VERDE, by Mister G (Co-Producer, Songwriter, Keyboards, Percussion)

How do you follow up a Latin Grammy winning album? The challenge was daunting, and the results were exceptional.

From a remotely produced Brazilian opener (and title track), to a merengue tracked in Santo Domingo with musicians from Juan Luis Guerra's band La 440, the album features a collection of songs that visits music from different parts of Latin America and the US, performed by musicians from all over the continent.

DOUBLE MIRROR, by Laura Campisi (Co-Producer)

Laura Campisi is a brilliant singer who, while rooted in the jazz tradition, develops her original songs -as well as some unique versions of jazz standards- into a universe all of their own.  The album features an amazing lineup including Gregory Hutchinson, Flavio Li Vigni, Ameen Saleem and Gianluca Renzi, joined by some very special guests

"Double Mirror" is bound to turn some heads, touch some hearts, and make you want to move more than your average jazz album.

LO QUE SÍ, by Sonia Kovalivker (Drums/Percussion)

Sonia is a gifted pianist and unique vocalist. For this album, she decided to put the piano aside (well...most of the time!) and explore different genres and a vast expressive palette with the aid of master guitarist and producer Juanito El Cantor.

I practically came out of retirement as an instrumentalist to record this one, and I'm really happy with the results!

LOS ANIMALES, by Mister G (Co-Producer/Mix Engineer/Percussion)

Called a "Kid-friendly, bilingual rock star”by The Washington Post, Latin GRAMMY WINNER Mister G ( enlisted dozens of his compadres to collaborate on Los Animales. The result is a collection of original, bilingual children's songs with a unique fusion of Salsa, Jazz, Tejano, Folk and Rock.

H.O.P.E. Was Here, Original Soundtrack Album (Composer/Producer/Various Instruments)

Music written for the feature documentary "H.O.P.E. Was Here, A Volunteer Travel Documentary.  Directed by Mark Denega, the film explores the merits and pitfalls of volunteer travel through the experience of a group of American students in Peru.

Nominated for an HMMA Award in 2014.

Currently unavailable

PUERTOS, by Daniel Camelo & Inmigrantes Big Band (Producer/Mix Engineer)

Big Band meets South American music.  An album of original compositions by uruguayan-born Daniel Camelo, which joins the story and tradition of the jazz orchestra together with influences from Tango, Milonga, Candombe and Murga.

Best-selling CD at the Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival 2011.


New Rave Rock along the lines of Nine Inch Nails, with hints of The Cure, Depeche Mode, and King Crimson.

GREATEST FAILURES, by Baby Scream (Drums)

"Greatest Failures is a brilliant place to start for those who have never heard the band before, as it truly does include some of the bands finest songs(...). 
So laid back and relaxed, yet tight and passionate at the same time, an unbelievable achievement in my humble opinion. 10/10" - Sinister Angels Realm (U.K.) 

ESPERANDO EL FIN DEL MUNDO, by Rubin (Drums/Percussion)

First solo album by former "Grand Prix" lead singer Rubín.  Power pop, witty yet sensible lyrics, and a dynamic band that can whisper as much as it can rock.

EN VIVO EN EL COLÓN, by Orquesta del Tango de La Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Pro-Tools Operator)

A legendary orchestra in a legendary theater makes for a one-of-a-kind album for tango enthusiasts everywhere.

Nominated for a Latin Grammy® Award in 2003.

UPS AND DOWNS, by Baby Scream (Drums)

Every song on here is well written, short and sweet, gentle little classics in the making. This album is a powerpop/Americana/Britpop classic in my opinion, and is great music to chill out to! If you want to listen to some good, well written classy music whilst relaxing then this album is for you! Very enjoyable! - Barry Gennard - Glitzine Magazine (U.K.) 

COMPONÉ, LADRÓN, by Rubin (Percussion)

Recorded in the studio before a live audience with no overdubs, this is Rubín's second solo endeavor before releasing "Esperando El Fin Del Mundo".  Acoustic versions of previously released songs and well known covers, in an intimate setting that will make you feel like the band is playing just for you -and a few friends.

MONSTERS EP, by Baby Scream (Drums)

The band sounds like some kind of roots-pop, harmonical like taste of toffee. Sexsmith/McCartney/Patrick Park. Very relaxed, maybe too beautiful, well done. The songs are brushed with sweet-tempered melancholic kissing your ears. You can't deny the influence of the Beatles in "1983". What a pity, it is only a 6-Track Ep. It could be longer. (ICC ) - Glitter House (Germany) 

EN DICIEMBRE, by Alejandro Martí (Drums)

A collection of pop songs by this singer-songwriter, who had previously worked with Argentinean legends such as Soda Stereo, Charly García, and Fito Páez.

(Currently Unavailable)

WALKING ALONE, by Sol Mantilla (Drums, Composer)

Debut album for former television personality Sol Mantilla, featuring fourteen blues-infected songs delivered with passion and lyrics that could amount to small novels.

(Currently Unavailable)

AQUÍ LLEGA, by El Horreo (Drums/Percussion)

How innocent can a pop song be before it becomes perverse? Lullabies for serial killers, psychedelic pop for the masses, love songs for toxic relationships.  I was young and needed the money.

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