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A 2018 addition: this is what the media had to say about my recent productions (mouse over image for description, click to enlarge).

Vivalda Dula Emilio D. Miler Jornal De Angola
NOS New caracas Billboard Magazine

"DULA" by Vivalda Dula

in Jornal De Angola

"NOS' by New Caracas

on Billboard

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 5.42.14 PM.png

More reviews for "DULA":

More reviews for "Sorte":

More reviews for "NOS":

Double Mirror Downbeat Review

"Double Mirror" by Laura Campisi

in Downbeat magazine

More reviews for "Double Mirror":

Mundo Verde Green World Parent's Choice Gold Medal

Mister G's "Mundo Verde/Green World"

on Parent's Choice

More reviews for "Mundo Verde/Green World":

Folkloreta Mirá Qué Bonito

"Sorte" By John Finbury's Alma Brasileira


Folkloreta's "Mirá Qué Bonito"

on Frecuencia Capital

More reviews for "Mirá Qué Bonito":

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