Words from the wise

These amazing, accomplished, and generous artists have been kind enough to take time to listen to my album, watch the film's teaser featuring "El Llamado" (last track on the album, which features Lola Ullmann on vocals) and send me their comments and impressions.  Here's what they had to say:

Glenn Zottola

"Emilio, I absolutely love your work! I saw the video and listened to the audio and It truly evokes images and feelings. I know a lot of movie writers here in Los Angeles and the music has to underscore or describe and yours does. Beautiful, beautiful work, top of the line!!"


(Glenn is a jazz legend whose career spans 50 years and 50 albums.  Read about his amazing story on his website: http://glennzottola.com/)

Cheche Alara

"I'm listening to your album right now.... GREAT MUSIC, Emilio!!! Super cool, very nice textures, themes, and overall vibe. Loved 'Yancana Huasy'... now I really want to watch the movie!!"


(Cheche has worked with... everyone you know, really.  Trust me: you've heard his work, whether you know it or not.  His credits are too numerous to mention here...  Luckily, he has his own website for that: http://www.chechealara.com/)

"I listened to your music and watched the video, now I can't wait to see the full documentary as well! I think that the most important factor in your compositions is that they leave space to the imagination, they make one travel to different places and they perfectly fit the concept. The sound of the guitar is very beautiful and warm.  I appreciated all the songs and I really loved 'La Esperanza' and 'El Despertar', maybe because of that sunrise of hope I can find in them".


(Mari is an expressive and charming singer.  Check out her latest projet Nobresil at: http://nobresil.com/)

Mari Nobre

Steve Pullara

"I think the simplicity of the guitar being stark is perfect for setting. It feels like a regional styling as to where the footage was filmed. In that sense, which is what I think the music was reaching for is perfect. It's a job well done. Music always adds so much to a film's personality. I feel that the vocal solo at the end creates triumph to the theme of the film which is voluntourism".


(Steve is a GRAMMY Winning Producer.  After working on a number of children's albums, this year he released "Another Happy Sole", with great songs for anyone to enjoy.  Read more about him on his website: http://www.anotherhappysole.com/)

Ricky Kej

"The extensive use of guitar arpeggios over a textured soundbed lends a touch of richness to the album arrangement. The inclusion of Lola Ullmann on vocals for 'El Llamado' adds a different hue to the album in its entirety. Ambient sounds and thematic application are obvious in 'Helping Hands' and Camino Sin Fin'. Fantastic soundtrack album and brilliant music for a quiet evening under the stars".


(Hailing from Bangalore, India, Ricky is a fellow filmscorer, composer and producer with five feature films, twelve albums, and over two thousand commercials under his belt... You probably don't want to see his belt, but you should check out his 2015 GRAMMY winning album "Winds of Samsara" (also a Billboard #1!), here: http://www.windsofsamsara.com/)


"From the moment the music started, I felt transported to a place with vivid imagery and loaded with mood and emotions. In fact, every piece on the recording lives and breathes, you can practically feel the sun beaming down and the winds blowing across your face while standing by a flowing river. Overall very calming and beautiful music. This is a very cohesive project and is the perfect accompaniment with the documentary.

Some of my favorites are: "A Tributary Stream", "Rite Of Passage", "La Esperanza", "Catharsis" and "El Llamado". Actually it is really hard to pick favorites because quite frankly they are all masterfully created and well produced. The project as a whole is captivating and magnetic, forever drawing you in and enveloping the spirit of oneness in the world".


(Nikkole's new album "Hallucinations" will soon be playing on radios and clubs around the world.  Find out why at http://www.nikkole.com/)

Steve Elci

"I am in awe at what you do and I am touched by the teaser. Your music was the sound scape of 'Hope'...it is what gave the teaser depth, mood, suspense and pacing. In a former life I was a video editor for a news network... let me tell you, the video is only as good as the soundtrack... the music is the key to emotions. That video came to life because of your track. This is a superb example of audio storytelling".


(Steve is a EMMY Nominated Host.  He just released "Imagination Nation", a solid collection of children's songs that are as entertaining as they are educational.  Check it out at: http://www.steveelciandfriends.com/)