Feeling ANIMATED!!

I've been working on this for months now, but just today I was authorized to share these images with you (yay!). Martian & Pulpet is an animated series about the bizarre adventures of an octopus and an alien trapped in a strange planet full of familiar objects... for us, that they have no idea how to use. Inventive scripts, filled with action and fun, and images that are out of this world... literally!

I'm seeing some of these images for the first time today, since for the most part I worked from an animated storyboard (the images on the left). I'm thrilled!

Oh, and... did I mention I also did the voices for both characters? That was fun! But you don't get to listen to that... for now ;-)

But you CAN listen to a preview of the theme music I wrote for the series, right here: click on the music tab above, it's the first track on it.



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