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Colombia, here I come!

About a month from today, I'll be in Colombia, to take part in a series of workshops and lectures in Music Production.

First stop is Barranquilla, where I've been invited by the International Carnival of the Arts (Carnaval Internacional de las Artes). Word is, I'll be thrown into a studio with an artist I know nothing about, with the challenge to produce a song for said artist over the first three days of the event. The song will be presented in public on the last day, along with the documentation of the production process. Should be fun!

Then, I'm off to Medellín (specifically, at Studio Ensamble Music School), where I'll give an abridged version of a Production Workshop I've taught in Buenos Aires a couple of times already. This isn't a class or lecture, but rather a more interactive format in which I work with artists, focusing on their specific projects, where they are, where they want to be, and what it would take for them to get there.

Last, I'll be giving a lecture in Bogotá at EMMAT, which is Berklee College's parter school in Colombia. This one will focus on the challenges and peculiarities of independent music production in the 21st. Century, showing examples of recent work to exemplify some of the situations one may come across.

If you're reading this in English, chances are you either won't make it, or wouldn't understand a word I'll say, since all of these will be given in Spanish. But hey... what do I know? Stop by and say hi, if you're around.

See you there?

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