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Last week we wrapped up production on Mr. G's (Latin Grammy nominee 2014) new bilingual Children's album "Los Animales", which I co-produced, for the most part, right from my studio in Argentina.

Sessions took place in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Boston, San Antonio, and also here, since I ended up playing percussion on some of the tracks.

The songs are masterfully crafted, and you wouldn't believe the personnel!

We had Grammy Winner Marlow Rosado and his crew on one track, and (seriously, check this out) the legendary Robby Ameen and Vince Cherico on drums, Carlos Mena and Oscar Stagnaro on bass, Grammy Winner Arturo O'Farrill on piano, Ciro Hurtado on guitar, Mari Nobre and Estrela Acosta on vocals, Rocío Marrón on violin, and Noe Benitez on saxes and additional production. And of course, Mr. G himself on vocals, guitars, mandolin, banjo, and magic throughout.

The album will be out shortly, and I trust that, besides its more specific audience, the child in you will get a kick out of listening to these songs as well. And they will grow on you!

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